Bhutanese Cuisine

The popular saying is that if you have been to Bhutan and not tasted it's National Dish of Ema Datsi (literally chillies and cheese), then you have not been to Bhutan. The Bhutanese love chillies and it's not used as seasoning but as main ingredient in food, sometimes the only ingredient! Wander around the streets of Norzin Lam, Phendey Lam and Chang Lam in Thimphu bustling with people, shops and eateries. The Bhutanese cuisine typically has choice of meat (chicken/pork/beef), red rice, kewa datshi (potatoes with cheese), and vegetables with cheese and of course ema datshi. The Bhutanese, Bhutan Kitchen, National Folk Heritage Museum restaurant, Tandin, Ama and Yangkhil serve sumptuous Bhutanese cuisine in Thimphu.

Across the country the food, though simple, tastes delicious as all ingredients are organically produced. Most hotels serve buffet style meals that are included in tour package for foreigners. Indians (tour package includes bed and breakfast) should order a carte with prior notice. The sour local cheese (datshi), mushrooms, fiddlehead ferns, spinach and yak meat are loved by them. Suja is the butter tea which tastes more like butter than tea and the locally brewed alcoholic drink, arra, has smoky flavour.

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