Sky Cycling in Japan - Thrilling Beyond Imagination

This ride is already situated on a hill - so if you are thinking "Oh, it's only 50 feet!"

Japan's Okayama city has newly opened a SkyCycle ride which is exactly like a roller-coaster, only slower and pedal controlled. Yes, you and a partner pedal across this scary roller-coaster ride at Brazilian Park Washuzan Highland - for three minutes. Three minutes might sound like 'just three minutes' at the moment but when you are aboard the ride those three minutes might feel like a hundred!

While cycling through the lap, you can enjoy the stunning views and feel a serious adrenaline rush. You can see the blue Seto Inland Sea, its islands and also the Great Seto Bridge. On your next visit to Japan, don't miss this place.When we say that this might be the scariest ride you have been on, we mean it. The cart's which have pedals are not protected by railings. You can actually fall off if you don't follow the safety instructions.It is the most unique and thrilling rides in an amusement park.

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