Skerkfontein Caves - A World Heritage Site

Sterkfontein is a set of limestone caves of special interest to paleo-anthropologists located in Gauteng province, about 40 kilometres northwest of Johannesburg, South Africa in the Muldersdrift area close to the town of Krugersdorp. The archaeological sites of Swartkrans and Kromdraai are in the same area. The Sterkfontein Caves are world-famous for their fossil finds and are a popular visitor destination.

After an extensive facelift in 2005, the Sterk fontein Caves site is now home to a top restaurant and conferencing facilities, offering easy access to the caves with modern walk ways and a boardwalk past the excavation site where globally acclaimed fossils have been discovered.The Sterk fontein Caves are owned by the University of the Witwatesrand, whose scientists have been responsible for the main excavations at this World Heritage Site.

They are credited with many of the most notable discoveries in the caves, including the world-famous fossils of MrsPles and Litle Foot, the latter being an almost com-plete Australopithecus skeleton dating back more than three million years.

The tours at the Sterk fontein Caves, which start above ground and then take visitors deep into the caves, run seven days a week.A visit to Sterk fontein Caves starts with a fascinating museum display of cave formations and geology, early life forms, mam-mals and hominid fossils.

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