Amsterdam - A City, Not Just Of Canals But Of Museums Too.

If a city could be a museum, Amsterdam would win global awards. With its tapestry of canals, gabled buildings and free-spirit, this mandated capital of the Netherlands has always attracted travellers and tourists. Wherever you go in Amsterdam, there will be a world-class museum located just around the corner.

The Rijksmuseum is classed as one of the finest art museums on this planet, showcasing the works of local painters such as Van Gogh and Rembrandt, as well as thousands of others. If you can tear your eyes away from iconic paintings such as The Night Watch, don't forget to take in the pottery collection or the outside gardens packed with sculptures. The Von Gogh Museum traces the life and works of this tortured painter, although some contemporary artworks are also on display. Museum het Rembrandthuis, housed in this Master's former home, gives you an intimate glimpse into Rembrandt's life. Any visit to Amsterdam would be incomplete without booking a tour at the Anne Frank House.

Other Amsterdam must-sees include the former-town-hall-turned-Royal-Palace and the cultural complex of De Hallen. Experience Amsterdam through its web of canals. Hop on and off the canal boat-busses that stop off at various interesting spots along the way. Wander through ancient cobbled streets, pop into cozy bruin cafes, named for their brown wood paneling, and try one of the many excellent beers. Alternatively, you can discover Amsterdam by bike, the main mode of transport for locals.

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