Darap Cherry Village, Pelling

Located just 8kms away from Pelling, Darap Cherry Village is one of the few places undiscovered where travellers looking for a taste of rural life can escape from the heavily crowded touristic places. The area is mainly inhabited by the Limboo Community and other small communities like the Bhutias, Chettris, Tamangs, Rais, Gurungs and Lepchas live in harmony. Because of its close proximity to Pelling, Darap has now become a potential destination for Village Tourism. There are various ways one can be engaged in: milking the cows in the morning and evening; gardening in the fields; interaction with the local children; processing butter and cheese; walking in the villages and nearby streams; hiking to other nearby villages; engaging in the daily activities of the village people; and a visit to the 200-year-old Limboo traditional house. Darap Subba Village is also a base for several short treks around Pelling and to few plantations of millet, cardamom, and corn.

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