Switzerland is such a destination that it brings in one's mind instantly the Snow-capped Swiss Alps. The destination is best visited year round.

Switzerland has an area of 41,285 square kilometres (15,940 square miles). The productive area - that is, the area without the lakes, rivers, unproductive vegetation and no vegetation at all - covers 30,753 square km (11,870 square miles).It measures 220 kilometres (137 miles) from north to south and 350 km (217 miles) from east to west. The Jura, the Plateau and the Alps form the three main geographic regions of the country. It has a population of 8 million. Population density is high, with 193 people per square km (500 per square mile) of the productive area. In such a small country one cannot imagine how many mountain excursions it can contain and how many scenic trains there are. The advantage Switzerland give is with the Swiss Travel System wherein one can make the most use of Swiss pass that come is 3 days / 4 days / and 15 days mainly. The Swiss pass not only entitles one to travel all over Switzerland in all the rail network but also use the local transportation like cruises, mountain cable cars, mountain funiculars, city buses and trams and even free entry to many monuments and museums. The families can take advantage of this as children below 16 years of age are travel free with their parents and they do not need to buy a Swiss pass if their parents have already bought them.

Switzerland is such a small country that travelling from one place to another usually does not take more than a couple of hours so you will never be tired on train journeys in Switzerland.

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