Wine Tour Barefoot Grape Stomping - An Experience To Remember Life Time

It is a blessing diva for Indian palate connoisseur. In fact, wine is synonymous called as 'the gift of the gods' since it is the only fermented beverage found in nature. The natural yeasts available in the skin of red grapes can lead to the formation of wine in the ripe grape itself. Arrive at the grape stomping venue at Nandi Hills, Bengaluru and begin stomping in the vats or large tubs filled with grapes placed on the lawn.Enjoy the stomping experience synchronized with the rhythm of music, and the 1 hour and 45 minutes long experience is underway. You can do stomping for 45 minutes and after that indulge in the one hour wine tour.Amble through the vineyards and savour a few glasses with friends during the much-awaiting wine tasting tour and get accustomed to the process of wine-making, and differentiate different wines like a true connoisseur.

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