Canada Visa Update : Biometrics Requirements

Canada Visa Update : Biometrics Requirements Asia, Asia Pacific, And The Americas
As Part Of Canada's Expansion Of The Biometrics Program, Applicants From Asia, Asia Pacific, And The Americas Will Now Require Biometrics For Certain Immigration Applications. The New Rules Come Into Effect On December 31st, 2018. Biometrics Refers To Your Fingerprints And Photo Which Are Submitted As Part Of Your Immigration Application.

Biometric Fees 85 Canadian Dollar Per Applicant.
When Do The Biometrics Required
The New Biometrics Requirements Are For Applicants From Asia, Asia Pacific, And The Americas. Canada Already Introduced Identical Biometric Requirements For Applicants From The Middle East, Africa, And Europe Earlier This Year.

    The Biometrics Requirements Only Apply To Certain Types Of Immigration Applications. You Are Only Required To Submit Biometrics For The Following Types Of Applications:
  • Visitor Visas
  • Work And Study Permits (U.S. Nationals Are Exempt)
  • Permanent Residence
  • Refugee Or Asylum Status
  • Once Biometrics Are Submitted, They Are Valid For The Next 10 Years.

Exemptions From Biometrics

    There Are A Few Exemptions To Needing Biometrics:
  • Temporary Exemption - Applying Within Canada:
  • If You Are Applying For A Visa, Study Or Work Permit, Or Permanent Residence In Canada - You Are Exempt Until The In-Canada Service Is Established.
  • Canadian Citizens, Citizenship Applicants (Including Passport Applicants), Or Existing Permanent Residents
  • Visa-Exempt Nationals Coming To Canada To Visit Only
  • Children Under The Age Of 14
  • Applicants Over The Age Of 79 (There Is No Upper Age Exemption For Asylum Claimants)
  • Heads Of State And Heads Of Government
  • Applicants Who Qualify For Or Hold A Diplomatic Or Official Visa
  • U.S. Visa Holders Transiting Through Canada
  • Refugee Claimants Or Protected Persons Who Have Already Provided Biometrics And Are Applying For A Study Or Work Permit
  • Temporary Resident Applicants Who Have Already Provided Biometrics In Support Of A Permanent Resident Application That Is Still In Progress

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